Internet Access
Sinosat provides low-cost, quick-deployed and efficient Internet access service for clients on the sea/desert or in other sparsely populated areas.
Enterprise Private Network
Sinosat connects client sites in different areas via satellite link and build up private network for enterprise clients, catering needs for protected audio, video, and data applications. Enterprise private network is with a lot of advantages such as quick network deployment and service commencement, high capacity and flexible networking mode. Besides, while it allows long-distance transmission, the communication cost is independent of communication distance.
Emergency Communication Support
Whenever and wherever a natural disaster occurs, Sinosat can help its clients set up satcom terminals quickly and provide secure and reliable voice, video and data services to facilitate the command center's decision-making. Besides, in critical public events, Sinosat can use satellite communication as a backup for the ground network, guaranteeing the reliability of connectivity.
System Integration
Sinosat provides clients with satellite-based system integration services. Taking full advantages of synergy in resources in aerospace industrial chain, Sinosat combines satcom with navigation and remote sensing application services and integrate varieties of application devices, offering system integration solutions with satellite communication characteristics.
Operator Service
Sinosat sets up satellite base stations in areas beyond the reach of traditional terrestrial mobile networks, such as islands and remote mountainous areas, and connects terrestrial mobile networks via satellite to achieve connectivity, offering its clients an effective communication solution with low cost.
Live Video and Relay
Live video and relay is a solution based on the users’ requirements of fast, real-time and reliable news gathering and events broadcast. With satellite links, live video and relay system can not only transmit video stream, but also enables audio/video conference. Live video and relay can perfectly meet the requirements of various communications or data transmissions in the news and event fields.
Distance Learning and Telemedicine

With the features of wide coverage, cross-regional, point-to-multi-point and low cost, satellite broadcasting can be used to build a space-earth integrated distance learning network, enabling sharing excellent education resources with remote areas.

Telemedicine system based on a satcom network, free from the constraints of the ground network conditions, can guarantee a constant network bandwidth and ensure the secure and reliable transmission of medical records, audio and video data, so as to achieve a balance of medical resources.

Data Delivery
With its large coverage, satellite communication enables flexible and secure multicast at low cost. Typical industry big data satellite transmission services include satellite transmission system for cinema data, satellite outdoor information distribution system and UHD video data satellite push service.
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