Plenty Satellite Resources
Over 10 satellites with about 20 beams and nearly 10,000 VSAT terminals.Faster Internet service by Ka-HTS of China Satcom in China.
Complete Facilities
About 20 large antenna systems, advanced technology and complete facilities.
Capability to promptly guarantee emergency communication
Promptly providing clients extra bandwidth when an emergency occurs, ensuring prompt and reliable emergency operation to the greatest extent.
Multiple Beams Seamlessly Switching
Seamless switch among multiple satellites and beams guaranteeing uninterrupted transmission so as to meet the requirements of mobile VSAT terminals.
Diverse Advanced Network Platforms
Advanced communication systems catering different kinds of needs, including iDirect, Comtech, Newtec.
24/7 Service
24/7 service hotline and technical team guaranteeing ongoing and reliable communication.
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